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Father Władysław Szuniewicz, MD and his time. Mission to China 1931-1949


Father Władysłwa Szuniewicz, MD (1892-1963), Polish priest from the Congregation of the Mission of Vincent de Paul, pediatrician and ophthalmologist, pioneer of surgical treatment of corneal astigmatism in China.


Andrzej Giza, historian and art historian, journalist and academic lecturer, reasearcher of the legacy of Polish émigrés.

Lucyna Rotter, expert in tangible and intangible heritage, with a special focus on symbolism in European culture. She also runs research in the auxiliary sciences of history and costumology. Promotor of the study of the lnguage of symbols and signs in cultures, history, and art.

ISBN 978-83-7730-447-1, format B5, oprawa miękka ze skrzydełkami, s. 80, wyd. I, Kraków 2020

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